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January 16th, 4-6pm
4000 Years for Choice at University of Michigan
Artist talk and exhibit in Lane Hall with Institute for Research on Women and Gender and the Women's Studies Department
Ann Arbor, MI  Click here for the Facebook event

January 24th, 7-9pm
Performing Gender & Screwing with Sexuality
Exhibit at Jane Addams Hull-House Museum
Chicago, IL Click here to RSVP to the event

March18th, 7pm
4000 Years for Choice at Colby College
Artist talk and exhibit
Waterville, ME

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"We love love love love the 4000 Years for Choice campaign! It's inspiring to see artists creating bold, beautiful statements to celebrate choice, not to mention that the posters are just gorgeous." – Megan Smith, Repeal Hyde Art Project

“I have always been a proponent of choice, but the 4000 Years for Choice project has reignited my "passion" on the subject. I have enjoyed learning about contraceptive history and have used that as a platform to begin discussions with many people.” – Supporter

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