Launched in 2009, 4000 Years for Choice celebrates the practices of abortion and contraception as positive, historical acts through visual art. Heather Ault began the project as a means of healing the stigma she experienced after having an abortion. Heather's work is notable for its bold visual symbols, affirming messages, and historical narratives that honor humanity's deep desire to be self-determined in one's own sexuality and reproduction.

4000 Years for Choice, and the projects that have followed, suggest new frameworks for understanding abortion care and reproductive freedom, provide opportunities to start new conversations, and offer innovative strategies that help to reduce stigma  through inspiring visual art and culture projects.

Contact Heather about custom artwork, gallery exhibits, artist talks, and hands-on workshops for your community. View more of Heather's personal and graphic design work at www.heatherault.org.


Praise by Movement Allies

  • "Heather Ault is the most creative artist working today on behalf of the abortion rights movement... her work deserves widespread distribution." – Carole Joffe, PhD, University of California, Berkeley
  • "The Abortion Care Network was very fortunate to have Heather Ault present '4000 Years for Choice' at our 2010 Annual Meeting. Using incisive research and personal experience, Heather brilliantly reinvented our understanding of birth control, abortion, and all things reproductive. Everyone who saw the presentation was changed. This is art at its best and most powerful." – Charlotte Taft, Executive Director, Abortion Care Network
  • "With verve, savvy, and joy, Heather Ault's smart poster series '4000 Years for Choice' helps reframe contemporary visual culture and rhetoric about contraception, abortion, and reproduction. Her formal lecture, classroom visits, and informal conversations encourage participants to contemplate campaigns for women's rights while also suggesting fresh, vital strategies and tactics for those committed to social change. Her work is lovely, critical, and necessary." – Kelly Quinn, PhD, Miami University, Ohio
  • "Heather Ault's 4000 Years for Choice exhibit was an incredible addition to the UCSF Chapter of Nursing and Medical Students for Choice's celebration of the 40th Anniversary of Roe. v. Wade. Her colorful exhibit is an inspiring tribute to contraceptive history and helped engage positive discussions on campus around reproductive choice. Not only did students benefit from the exhibit, but we received positive feedback from a healthcare provider in the UCSF community thanking us for putting on the exhibit as well. " – Cindy Barbee, Nursing Students for Choice
  • "Heather Ault's work is not only breathtakingly beautiful, but also refreshing and inspiring. She manages to draw on the awesome power of thousands of years of reproductive health history to paint a vivid image of where the movement needs to go in the future, and what we need to do to win." – Steph Herold, iamdrtiller.com
  • "We love love love love the 4000 Years for Choice campaign! It's inspiring to see artists creating bold, beautiful statements to celebrate choice, not to mention that the posters are just gorgeous." – Megan Smith, The Repeal Hyde Art Project
  • "Having Heather Ault and 4000 Years for Choice at Preterm has engaged new communities in the abortion conversation that we've been working hard to foster and grow through our My Abortion, My Life campaign. We're looking forward to helping those conversations grow!"  – Preterm Clinic, Cleveland 
  • "4000 Years for Choice makes my heart sing. I am so grateful. It is an opportunity to look at the big picture, the historical picture, even the spiritual picture ~ all of which unambiguously show that women's choice is inalienable and life–serving. I believe the perspective you offer here can help women and men stand up for our women's rights in a healing way. Which will be far more effective than way of hatred and blame, since that is the way of domination and dividing-and-conquering. Blessings on the work you are doing on behalf of all of us." – Journey of Young Women

Praise by University Students

  • "This was one of the most eye-opening and candid presentations that I've ever experienced. Mobilizing and educating people with a 'positive' message is the kind of forward thinking that is entirely overdue - we've been media saturated for decades, and in an increasingly fractured and combative environment, it is a breath of fresh air to find fuel for intelligence and freedom presented in such a positive, non-threatening way." – University of Michigan
  • "An amazing, enlightening event! I am truly grateful that you were able to come to our campus and introduce us to your positive, educational, and influential methods of advocating for reproductive justice or more bluntly, abortion. Our group will work hard to advocate a similar positive route to yours." – University of Michigan
  • "We need more discussions and events like this! Heather's presentation was inspiring and I love her positive messages." – University of Michigan
  • "Thank you so much! Feeling very inspired by your methodology and creation of graphics. As a feminist student organizer and 'artist,' I often face challenges of reaching beyond 'preaching to the choir.' Your posters have helped me think of new ways to generate positive images to which new audiences can relate. Thanks for introducing new ideas for a progressive approach." – Rollins College
  • "An informative and engaging talk! Your approach was fresh and inspiring! I appreciated the explanation of why coat hangers make for poor symbols; I'd never thought of that before. I have a better understanding of how reproductive rights should be framed. More importantly, my conviction that reproductive rights should be protected is stronger than ever. Thank you so much for coming!" – Rollins College
  • "I think you are an inspiration to many women, as you really show how much power women have. Thank you so much for coming to speak to our class!" – University of Illinois
  • "Very interesting! I have seen your art being shared on Facebook and it's great seeing and hearing the history behind the images." – University of Illinois
  • "The way you have reframed your message in '4000 Years for Choice' is inspiring! 'Good women have abortions' is a new and loving way to approach the pro-choice belief. As a student in advertising, this is the type of work that is inspiring. You have used history and research in an incredibly useful way." – University of Illinois
  • "Wonderful and organized! This information was new to me and I am compelled to look further into it. I also loved how you re-approached activism and made it a legitimate professional endeavor. We need more of this in the future." – University of Illinois
  • "Your work is very inspirational. You are charting new territory for all of us who want a better narrative for our movement." – University of Illinois

Praise from Supporters

  • "I love these images. They are a powerful way to engage people visually in positive messages around abortion. This year, I used a couple of the images for a training with our youth activists. We set up a timeline on abortion over history and used some of your pieces to describe the various methods women have used over the years. Activists then did a gallery walk and discussed the current situation within a larger context of the history of abortion. It was a great way to engage young people in a larger conversation on abortion." – Supporter
  • "4000 Years for Choice has created an entirely new conversation that puts our current discussions of these issues into an historical perspective that is so important. And the beauty in all of your work makes it much easier to talk about even the most challenging subjects. Thank you!" – Supporter
  • "I'm so appreciative of the long view that this project represents. There are so many amazing things about all of the good women and men who, at various times in history, have chosen to have OR not have children. It's past time to hear about the selflessness of those who choose not to have children for the good of the planet, by whatever means."  – Supporter
  • "4000 Years for Choice creates an opportunity to discuss the historical precedent for abortion - I think the common social assumption is that it just never happened or that it only happened in unsafe ways - it brings up the reality that women have been controlling their reproduction for thousands of years in many ways and it was not shameful or hidden for much of history." – Supporter
  • “The visual evidence that trying to control one's fertility has been going on FOREVER alters the conversation dramatically and places what women are going through now as part of a normal continuum. The vibrancy of colors is affirming in ways I can't quite express in words. In the clinic the posters get noticed. The Facebook memes are thought provoking and easy to share - you don't feel like you are doing political spamming because they are fun and beautiful.” – Supporter 
  • “I utilize 4000 Years for Choice both in the clinic (with posters and post cards in office spaces) but also in the clinic's social media work. I've found that the 4000 years for choice art is an amazing conversation starter and speaks to people in a way that is positive and more constructive than most "political infographics"” – Supporter 
  • "I have always been a proponent of choice, but the 4000 Years for Choice project has reignited my "passion" on the subject. I have enjoyed learning about contraceptive history and have used that as a platform to begin discussions with many people." – Supporter 
  • "I don't think I've ever added so many 'likes' to just one Facebook page!" – Supporter
  • “Having the 4000 Years for Choice posters opens conversation about contraception curiosity, but more exciting is the abortion "good-ness" posters. The cards are awesome because people are floored by them and their directness!” – Supporter 
  • "4000 Years for Choice has helped put what I already knew into tangible visuals with the words that I could put out there as well. I know that abortion and contraceptives have been around forever - it's just hard to put that into coherent thoughts/ideas for discussions. By providing the visuals it has helped me frame my words." – Supporter