Preserve Pennyroyal

"In an herbal guide from the Middle Ages, women were pictured grinding pennyroyal with a mortar and pestle, a popular abortifacient method dating back to Hippocratic times. In the late 1800s, pennyroyal pills were sold by druggists along with other herbal remedies, such as tansy, rue, roots and seeds of the cotton plant, cedar gum, and camphor, techniques originally brought from Africa to the United States."

Fine art print on bright white, matte, ultra smooth archival paper using brilliant Giclee inks to ensure vibrant image quality. Printed on 13" x 19" paper with 1 inch border.

Posters are mailed via USPS First Class Mail within 3-5 business days after your order. If you have any questions about custom designs or bulk pricing, please contact me directly.

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